Our mission

To provide the tools, environment and supportive community, so you can feel more peaceful, healthier and happier.

Your state of mind is one of the key success factors of anything you want to do in life, and so we offer a space where you can leave the world at the door to connect to yourself. We are a community where like-minded people with a shared purpose can connect, belong and be themselves. 

At Sadhana Live we think of our community as the Tribe, and we provide more than a service, we offer connectedness, belonging and meaning.

Sadhana Live is a holistic fitness technology platform combining three key areas:


Connect with like-minded people in an instructive environment that is fun, accessible, flexible and engaging


Hundreds of weekly yoga and body movement classes available live and on-demand, taught by some of the UK’s leading instructors


Benefit from our meditation, nutrition and other wellbeing services to feel empowered, healthier, happier and connected